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Advisory Services

Professional Advisory Services
Leverage Emerging Technologies

New technologies have the potential to solve fundamental problems and accomplish ambitious goals. Paul assists clients in identifying the best disruptive technology-based creative solutions to support every aspect of their organizations.

Businesses may benefit from unparalleled capabilities and a competitive edge thanks to emerging technologies. Paul advises on how to maximize the benefits of established resources like blockchain technology, universal 3D printing. and regenerative systems and, linking clients with massive ecosystems to realize the full potential of these technologies.

Blockchain & Web3 Consulting

Leverage Paul's expertise to apply proven methods to ensure that your chosen technology solution matches up with your business goals, and that the ROI and trade-offs are fully considered.

Vanuatu Immigration Consulting

Receive bespoke Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment and Permanent Residency consulting and processing services via an Authorized Master Agent and Certified Partner.

Decentralized Systems Consulting

Receive extensive multilateral advisory support & insight for decentralized systems, including DeFi, ReFi, DeSoc, GameFi, asset tokenization, cryptoeconomics, community planning & more.

Regenerative Agriculture Consulting

Go beyond sustainability and learn how to improve, increase, and optimize agriculture yields through the use of regenerative agriculture practices in an increasingly turbulent planetary climate.

Regenerative Architecture Consulting

Design and build the infrastructure of tomorrow using regenerative and biophillic architecture and design processes and technologies for long-term resilience amid increasingly-frequent climate disasters.

Societal Systems Development

Develop a incubator, model, or blueprint for a parallel societal system or network state in a conscious way that leverages benefits, reduces risks & optimizes processes for improved socio-economic models.

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