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About Paul
Advisory Services For a New Paradigm

Paul has 10+ years of experience working and operating within the blockchain industry, and has been a financial specialist on engineering consulting projects for several SMEs and large enterprises. Currently, Paul advises on regenerative finance (ReFi), regenerative agriculture, and societal systems development, as well as the responsible use of emerging technologies in a way that leverages benefits, reduces risks, and optimizes processes. 

A society following whole systems thinking and integral systems design is a prosperous one, with emerging technologies playing an essential part.

Paul’s work and experience takes an integral and whole systems approach towards solving the biggest challenges facing society today, beyond the scope of any individual industry. His present overall focus is launching transformation-focused enterprises and providing high-level consulting and advisory services for paradigm-shifting public and private sector projects and initiatives.


Paul uses his extensive understanding of distributed ledger technology, decentralized finance, and whole systems thinking to assist in unlocking the untapped potential of the Pacific region and a focus on supporting this region in becoming more economically resilient. Responsible and effective application of digital transformation solutions in the humanitarian sector is also an important focus of his.

Beyond these areas, Paul is also passionate about, and involved in, the development, design, and application of environmentally-conscious regenerative systems, as well as social transformation initiatives leading to a supramentally transformed human species.

Additionally, Paul is also a published author of books on personal growth, psychology, and social transformation, conscious evolution guide, writer of 3K+ articles, and trainer of copywriters and content writers to help them succeed as freelance writers.

Blockchain Consulting
  • DeFi
  • ReFi
  • GameFi
  • Metaverse
  • Tokenomics
  • Privacy
  • DAOs
  • NFTs
  • DEXs
  • RWAs
Pacific Consulting
  • Vanuatu Citizenship
  • Vanuatu PR
  • Business Resilience
  • Climate Resilience
  • MIDAO Formation
  • Bespoke Services
Societal Development
  • Network States
  • Community Building
  • Social Architecture
  • Buddhist Economics
  • Bioregion Currencies
  • Localization
Conscious Evolution
  • Changemaker Guidance
  • Entrepreneur Advisory
  • Time Fractal Optimizing
  • Organic Ascension
  • Energy Protection
  • Supramental Path
  • EMF Mitigation
  • Heart Lucidity
  • Reality Alchemy
  • Biohacking
Paul's Vision

Paul sees a future where the benefits of emerging technologies, combined with a responsible use of those technologies, are wielded responsibly and effectively for the betterment of society.

These technologies are mostly digital in today’s landscape but also include improvements to fundamental technologies that the whole of civilization is based on, including agriculture, infrastructure, and energy.

By understanding where optimizations can further advance society and lead it to greater prosperity and resilience, Paul assists influential individuals, businesses, and organizations in learning about, understanding, and adopting and leveraging beneficial emerging technologies.


Paul is driven to assist individuals, businesses, organizations, projects, and governments with improving their processes, systems, and policies for the benefit of increased prosperity and success in their endeavors.

Paul’s advisory services focus on the following:


Paul has 10 years of experience within the blockchain industry and was a member of the original Ethereum DAO.


Paul has 17 years of experience as a prolific and published writer whose works have appears both online and in print.


Paul has 20 years of experience in TradFi & commodities markets, forming the foundation for his DeFi expertise.

With blockchain quickly becoming adopted and integrated into numerous verticals. Its benefits and opportunities are too compelling to ignore.

Currently, businesses are seeking ways to leverage blockchain technology for increasing their security, efficiency, and product success.

Are you unsure how to leverage emerging technologies? Paul knows what it takes to introduce blockchain solutions into public or private sector infrastructure. 

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